Finest skate sharpening in Kelowna

Skates are an investment especially for sportsmen. Because some skates can cost many hundreds of dollars, it is only natural that you take care of them. They are the most important tool in the rink. The blade of the skates digs into the ice giving it a grip. It gets the grip due to the bite angle of the skates. Since the blades are the only thing in contact with the ice, the contact needs to be effective for improved performance on the ice rink. Sharpening skates not only gives speed to the skater but also provides better maneuverability along with agility which is important for any sport. Dull skates can lead to stumbling and falling. Learning new tricks are easier on sharp skates. That is why it is always a good idea to get your skates sharpened before putting them on.

skate_sharpeningSharpening skates is an art along with being a science which should be left to professionals.  At Sports Excellence Kelowna we offer complete skate sharpening services along with products that help you in maintaining the sharpness of your skates. The main objective of our products and services is to ensure that you have a better skating experience. A finely sharpened pair of  skates can change the entire skating experience. However, there are few steps that need to be taken before the actual sharpening process.

We at Sports Excellence Kelowna make sure that your blade is properly inspected for straightness, surface conditions, and for any nicks and cuts among other things. Failure to check these before sharpening will do more harm than good. We explain the choices that you have before sharpening so that you can choose the best option. We believe in not just fulfilling the expectation but surpassing them. We make sure that we get all the information about the style of your skating so that we can suggest the sharpness of the skates and only after consulting with you will we sharpen the blades according to your specification. Apart from sharpening the skates we also provide customization of the skates.

For the times when you don’t have time to drop your skates at our store we also provide equipment with which you can sharpen your own skates. We offer products like hand finishers, which are good to even out the rough edges. They can also be used as maintenance equipment. One can also use ceramic sharpeners to help get the edge back however they need to be used carefully so as to not to over sharpen them. The skaters are the best judge of what they want and for this reason we always consult with all our clients before getting any kind of alteration done to the skates. We offer the finest skate sharpening services in Kelowna.