Ringette gear in Kelowna

Ringette as a sport is very similar to hockey with more or less same equipment and rules. Though its co-ed game, it is mostly played by girls in Canada. As it is a rough contact sport, the players are at a risk of going into shock or get internal injuries if they don’t have impact protection gear to protect themselves. An essential requirement for any equipment is the quality of the sportswear as players train themselves rigorously.

At Sports Excellence Kelowna, the desire for high performance works hand in hand with innovation to deliver the best sports experience to players. Apart from the durability of the sports gear, comfort is an essential requirement as this allows the player better movement and also increases the quality of their performance. Lightness ensures the high usability by the player. Sturdiness also plays an important role as the equipment protects the players from getting injured.


Concentrating on a better experience doesn’t mean that we forget about our responsibility to the environment. We push ourselves harder to find more environmentally friendly solutions for our products. We at Sports Excellence Kelowna believe in providing only the best for our customers and that is why we strive to improve our range in sportswear to deliver the best user experience.

Functionality is the key attribute that all sportswear needs to have. It should allow for comfortable movement while at the same time be well fitting. Thermal properties of any sportswear add to the comfort. It provides the player warm in cold conditions and has a cooling effect in warm conditions. We know that players no longer just go for functionality; they also have a sense of style as well. Over the years the design and style of the equipment has become an important issue with all players.  Men and women alike.

We understand the equipment requirements for Ringette in Kelowna and strive to do our best to deliver quality products that provide extremely satisfactory results to the players. Here is a list of items that are used in Ringette and are available at our stores:

  • Ringette stick: They are tapered stick designed for shooting and is made out of carbon fiber and graphite.
  • Ringette skates: They are customized to fit each player’s feet. While buying these skates it should be kept in mind that the goalie’s skates are different than the player’s skate.
  • Protective gear: There is wide range of protective gear for this kind of contact sport which also allows mobility. They include neck guard, shoulder pad, forearm pad, shin pad, etc.
  • Pants: These are built to protect the player’s thighs and legs from major impacts and they deliver what they promise on that account. They allow for freedom of movement.