The best Lacrosse equipment in Kelowna

During ancient times warriors needed their weapons and armor to win the deadliest war.  In today’s era Lacrosse players are no different.  Lacrosse is one of those sports where players play with the intensity of warriors fighting the war. It is a rough contact sport where two teams battle over a small rubber ball using a lacrosse stick. It is one of the ancient sports that have been in existence since 1100AD and has gone through many modifications since then. It has a significant role to play in the community and religious life of many tribes.

LacrosseWe at Sports Excellence Kelowna believe quality trumps everything.  That is why we strive to bring to you the most durable range of equipment at affordable prices. Our products are made keeping in mind the comfort but also the protection needed by your sport of choice. By combining passion with innovation we have been successful in delivering the best results by improving the designs of our sports equipment. We know how much effort Lacrosse player put into their practice with their rigorous training.

We also know that environment conservation goes hand in hand with our growth and for that reason we make consistent efforts to come up with more eco-friendly solutions for all our products.

Here is a list of lacrosse equipment that is available at our store:

  • Crosse or the lacrosse stick – This stick is made up of wood or synthetic material and has a shaped pocket in the end. The sticks are of different sizes for different players. The stiffness ensures unparallel performance and durability while the thick sidewalls boost rigidity.
  • Ball – It is one of the most obvious equipment that would be required to the play game. It is made of bright colors for easy visibility and should be smooth without any dimples.
  • Gloves – They are designed to protect the players’ hands. They also keep the hands cool and dry to ensure a better hold of the stick. They are made of high quality material that makes them durable while giving a soft feel.
  • Helmet – It is equipped with a face mask and chin pad. It is made to absorb impacts.
  • Protective gear- Even though this contact sport causes fewer injuries as compared to other sports, this doesn’t mean that the protective gear can be given any less significance. There are different protective gears for the players and goalkeeper. For players there is a long list of protective gears starting from mouthpiece, shoulder pads, arms pads and rib-pads. While for the goal keeper there is throat and chest protector as well as the helmet, mouth piece and gloves.

We at Sports Excellence Kelowna offer both new and used sports equipment for trade and sale. We also offer consignment options for them. Visit our store for the best lacrosse equipments in Kelowna.