Hockey equipment in Kelowna

Hockey is contact sport played in a rink with players fighting over a puck. Since it’s a rough sport that is played on ice, it can cause serious injuries without adding sticks and skates into the equation. As a result players have to be careful. To be able to play at their best, it is essential for players to sometimes throw caution to the wind. Even when they do, safety of all the players is still of utmost importance and that is why it is necessary to have quality hockey equipment. Apart from being durable, the hockey equipment’s main job is to protect the players when the game gets a little rough.

canada-gold1We at Sports Excellence Kelowna believe in delivering quality goods to our customers and for that precise reason we have an amazing range of products. Our aim is to surpass our client’s expectation and not just merely fulfill them. For any sportswear to be useful, it needs to have three essential qualities which include durability, lightness and comfort. We know that every sportsman has to undergo rigorous training and reliable equipment is as important as the skill required.  The comfort of the hockey player contributes to their performance on the rink and for that we have easy to use sportswear.

Lightness in sportswear ensures speed and efficiency of any player and we at continue to strive for coming up with better material. We understand that we cannot provide a better sports experience at the cost of environmental degradation and that is why are relentlessly working towards developing sustainable solutions to all our sportswear. Gone are the days when players would wear anything as long as it protected them, with our range of products you’ll find the perfect combination of style, design, and durability. Our products our customized to give superior sports experience. We offer the best when it comes to hockey equipment in Kelowna. The following is a list of some of the specialized equipment required for the game that is available at our store:

  • Skates: They form the backbone of the entire hockey game so it is essential for them to not only be lightweight and comfortable but also sturdy. These need to have ankle stability. There are different skates for the players and goalie.
  • Protective gear: They are modeled not only for protecting but also for mobility. There is wide range for impact protection of forearms, thighs, body protection with special focus around the shoulders.
  • Pants: These are designed to provide extra cushion for impact protection of hips and thighs but also allow for freedom of movement. They come in dual attachment of laces and belt for customized fit.
  • Sticks: These sticks are skid free and are made up of carbon fiber and graphite which allows for durability and flexibility.
  • Gloves: They are made up of nylon shell which is thinner around the palm for better grip and are different for goalie and players.
  • Bags: Since the players have to carry all of these heavy equipment they are made of tarpaulin and mesh and have internal compartment for skates.

We offer not only a wide range of options for old and new sports equipment for sale, trade but also for consignments.