Quality football equipment in Kelowna

Over the years, and in different countries, football has evolved into different sports. To a large degree it still involves kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal. It is another kind of contact sport. Different places have different names for this game with slight variations in its rules. In UK it is known as Association football or more commonly known as soccer, in the US and Canada it is known as gridiron football, Rugby League in parts of Australia, Gaelic football in Ireland, and rugby in New Zealand. In Kelowna, football is played between two teams who use mainly throwing and running as the main ways of moving the ball with occasional kicking to score points.

FootballAt Sports Excellence Kelowna, we believe that quality sports equipment can only enhance the sporting experience.  As such, we are focused on providing only the best equipment to our customers at affordable prices. Our target is to bring together light weight gear, with comfort and durability in all our lines without compromising on style. We know that by improving the design of the sports material we can improve the performance. The comfort of any sportswear decides the performance of the player. Our aim is to not just respond to our customer’s expectation but surpass them by continuously striving to enhance the quality of our product. We are environmentally conscious and seek eco-friendly solutions for all our products with our research and development team. Our store provides both new and used equipment for trade and sale. We also provide consignment options for all equipment.

Like every other sport, even football has a list of equipment.  While most protective gear, they all are not. Below is a list of the most common football equipment:

  • Protective: With one of the highest rates of injury associated with any sport, it is mandatory to wear protective gear. The helmet is featured on top of the list because of its priority along with face masks, mouth guard and jaw pad that forms some kind of protection against concussion. They prevent concussion because they are designed to absorb the shock of a hit. Neck collars are to be worn by players as are shoulder, thigh, hip and knee pads as these take most of the brunt of impact and thus protect the player.
  • Cleats: They are crafted using durable and synthetic material to make them light and comfortable for improved performance of the player. We have traditional lacing system which provides for tighter fit.
  • Football: Made out of thick leather casing using Accurate Control Lacing Technology with grip strips for accurate control of the football.
  • Gloves: There are different kinds of gloves for different players. There are receiving gloves made with a grip to catch the ball while the lineman gloves are made more for protection and safety.