Find the best baseball and softball equipment in town

Baseball is one of the most widely loved sports of all time. It is one of the very few games that is not restricted to just one country but played all over the world. It has a broad impact on popular culture. It is a simple bat and ball game played between two teams who take turns fielding and batting. It was brought by English immigrants to North America where it has evolved into the modern day game that we play. This game is a “no clock” game where the only way to finish it, is to get all the players out.

softball_baseball_splitSoftball is similar to baseball, only it is played with a larger ball and on a smaller field.  Despite the name given the ball is not soft. It is mainly played by women and at times called indoor baseball. The main objective of both baseball and softball is to score more points than the opposing team after hitting the ball with the bat and running around the bases touching as many bases as possible. There are different types of softball such as slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball.

We at Sports Excellence Kelowna are dedicated to developing environmentally conscious products. We focus on providing a superior user experience to all our customers at an affordable price. Our teams of experts are committed to achieving the perfect combination of comfort, light weight and durability in all of our sports gear. We know that style and design are equally important for all the players and we focus on delivering that without compromising on the quality.

Since both baseball and softball are similar to each other, the sports equipment used are almost same with very little difference. Here is a list of equipment available for the game at Sports Excellence Kelowna:

  • Ball – The size of the ball depends upon the play. The ball in baseball is a tightly wounded with layers of yarn and covered with a stitched leather coat.
  • Bat – It is hollow rounded solid wooden bat made up of ash, but we also have hollow aluminum bats. Our bats are one piece construction with an anti-vibration knob.
  • Cleats – Though most sportsmen wear these shoes with spikes on their soles, the baseball and softball cleats have spikes near the toe. The synthetic leather upper ensures they are lightweight and durable.
  • Protective gear – Like any other sport, these sports also requires protective gear. Our batting helmet, which protects the players head, is available in unisex design for both baseball and soft ball players. They come with fabric covered padding wicks to absorb moisture and keep the players cool.
  • Batting Gloves – Though the batting glove is not mandatory, it is worn by batters to protect their hands from blisters. They come in textured skin for better grip with mesh on the back for ventilation and adjustable wristband for a customized fit. We also provide protective gear for the catcher which includes a helmet with face guard, shin protectors and most important, padded catchers mitts.